7 Crucial Health Tips For University Students

Health Tips For University Students

Let’s face it: university is a very stressful place. There is so much to do with very little time to get it done. And this is beyond the academic side of things. If you are part of a sports team or you engage in other extracurricular activities, you will experience more stress. Other personal things also add up to this stress. It is no surprise that university students often experience burnout from all they have to face daily.

Most times, because there is so much to do, students often neglect their well-being. They put their health on the line just to achieve their daily goals and objectives. Some people believe that this is part of the sacrifice needed to graduate with flying colours. The extent to which that is true is very debatable. Taking good care of yourself and looking after your wellbeing would yield far better results than you know. After all, only a healthy person can continue with their education. 

In today’s article, we would be looking at some health tips that students in universities and other higher education institutions should pay attention to. Here are the important health tips for university students.

1. Get Enough Sleep

This cannot be stressed enough – make sure you get enough sleep, especially at night. Many people in universities use the night to read and catch up on work they could not finish during the day. While the reason behind it might seem nice, missing sleep, especially at night, affects your body negatively. 

The truth is, a good number of people who stay up at night at university, reading, only do so because someone they know is doing it. This is why many people who go to night class end up sleeping before 2 A. M. Some do not even study for an hour.  

One thing you should keep in mind is that there is no advantage or benefit you gain from studying at night compared to the day. This does not also mean that studying at night is completely bad. The point here is that you should get enough sleep when you can. Sleeping well at night would make you start the day on a fresh note. You will be sharp and alert, allowing you to achieve a lot during the day. Another benefit of sleeping at night is that it would give a chance for all you have studied to properly sink in. You will also wake up with new solutions or fresh ideas to problems from the previous day. 

2. Create A Schedule – And Stick To It

To make the most of your day, create a schedule and follow it religiously. A schedule allows you to divide your day into sections or periods where you do different things. With a schedule, you will know what you have to do next for the whole day or even the whole week. You will find that you have enough time to do most of the things you want to do. 

3. Do Not Skip Meals

Make sure you eat regularly. There is nothing cool about skipping meals, especially when you have food. Eat before you leave your hostel for the day and also eat before going to bed, and do not skip meals in between. 

4. Eat Healthily

One thing to note as you eat is to make sure you eat healthily. Make sure your daily diet is well-balanced, with a bit of everything. Avoid eating too much junk or processed foods, no matter how tempting they may seem. Such foods contribute nothing to your health and could even lead to health problems. 

Instead of carbonated drinks, stick to water or freshly-squeezed fruit juice. If you can, always eat freshly-cooked meals or eat at places where they serve them. 

5. Stay Active

As a student, you have to find ways to stay active. This could be through working out or playing sports. You can also engage in activities like dancing or riding bikes just to keep your body active. Go for runs or hikes whenever you are free, especially at weekends. 

6. Have A Good Social Life 

We all know the saying, ‘all work and no play…’. While you are in school to learn, you have to find a way to balance things by engaging in other types of activities. Attend social gatherings, especially the kinds held within the campus. Indulge yourself a little but keep your head in check so you do not go overboard. 

7. Take Mental Health Seriously

A lot of university students have poor mental health. A significant percentage of university students suffer from mental health conditions such as depression and anxiety. Thus, it is important to prioritize mental health while in the university. This is one of the most vital health tips for university students.

Studies show that having good mental health is associated with increased learning, creativity and productivity, better social skills, positive social relationships, and improved physical health and life expectancy. Thus, do things that will improve your mental health, such as practicing self-care, avoiding things that will cause you to burn out, talking about your feelings, and seeking professional help.


Being a student in the university can be challenging and stressful. However, it is adhere to the above health tips for university students, as they will help you navigate your way through the institution while remaining healthy.



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