How To Reduce Gas In The Stomach

How To Reduce Gas In The Stomach

Are they times when you feel ‘gassy’ or that your stomach has gas? There is no definite way to describe this feeling, but what is usually common is that your belly feels bigger and you feel fuller than normal. This often occurs after meals, especially when you have overfed, but it can also be caused by other things. When you experience such a feeling, you may be forced to burp or belch to allow some of the gas to escape. At other times, you may also have to fart to let out some gas as well.

Although there is nothing exactly serious about feeling gassy or bloated, it can create serious unease as the person would not feel comfortable until they have passed out all or most of the gas in their body. Many people only experience this gassy feeling right after eating more than they could handle or after rushing through their food. Some other causes of stomach gas include drinking carbonated drinks (soft drinks), drinking through a straw, eating high-fibre food like beans and other legumes. Stomach gas can also be caused by more serious issues like bacterial growth in the intestine, food intolerance, lactose intolerance, inflammatory bowel disease, and more.

Like we said before, stomach gas is not the sign of a serious condition, but if your stomach gas prevents you from going about your daily activities, or you experience painful release of gas, either through your mouth or through your rectum, then you should consult a doctor before anything else. 

In today’s post, we would be looking at ways to reduce stomach gas.

Avoid Foods That Cause Gas

The first thing to do is to check your diet. It may be that your favourite food causes you to have excess stomach gas, like beans. Such foods are usually high in fibre and sugar. Other examples of such foods include vegetables like cabbage, dairy products like milk, cheese, garlic, onion, and foods that have a high-fat content. 

Watch Your Eating Habit

Another thing to do is to mind the way you eat. When eating, do not rush your food. Rather, if you are in a hurry, just eat a small portion instead of forcing yourself to swallow so much food in so little time. Also, when eating, avoid talking. This is to avoid swallowing air, which could add to gas in your stomach. Relax, chew your food properly, and swallow. 

Massage Your Stomach

Another useful tip on how to reduce gas in the stomach is to try abdominal massage. Massaging the abdomen can help to get the bowels moving, and reduce bloating.

Take A Walk After Eating

After having your meal, do not just slump on your couch or bed while waiting for your food to digest. Get up and take a walk. You do not have to go very far. Just a casual stroll in your street or around your compound would do you a lot of good as it would help the food properly digest. 

Cut Down On Carbonated Drinks

Drinking a lot of carbonated drinks can release carbon dioxide gas in your stomach, which makes you feel bloated. This includes drinks like soft drinks and beer. Cutting down on your soft drink intake has a lot of good besides reducing stomach gas, which is why it is something worth considering. 

Avoid Swallowing Air

There are activities you do every day that cause you to swallow air, albeit unconsciously. Things like smoking cigarettes, chewing gum, talking while eating, and drinking through a straw would help to add gas to your stomach. 


This article has provided you with useful tips on how to reduce gas in the stomach. You can take a walk after eating, avoid foods that cause gas, and massage your abdomen.




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