6 Notable Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat

Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat

In Nigeria, rabbit meat is a popular delicacy. These days, however, due to urbanisation and the abundance of options, people prefer to eat chicken, turkey or beef instead, forgetting other traditional sources of animal protein, like rabbit meat. But rabbit meat is still very much enjoyed and it is very common to find it in certain markets.

Rabbit meat makes a great addition to your stew or soup, thanks to its unique taste. Besides its taste, rabbit meat is also very nutritious, having a higher nutritional value than other kinds of meats. It has less fat and fewer calories, which is very important if you are looking for something very healthy to add to your diet.
In today’s post, we would be exploring all of the health benefits of eating rabbit meat.

1. Rabbit meat has low-fat content

One of the healthy benefits of eating rabbit meat is that you would hardly be adding any fat to your body. This is due to the low-fat content it has. This makes it a great option for those who are fat or those planning to lose weight as they can enjoy eating meat without any concern about raising their body fat.

2. Rabbit meat has low cholesterol

Another great thing about rabbit meat is that it has low cholesterol. Having high cholesterol levels often causes heart diseases as well as other problems. Most of the food we eat contains cholesterol, although in varying degrees, and you are advised to eat food with low cholesterol. One of such foods is rabbit meat. Compared to other meat, rabbit meat has low cholesterol, meaning eating it would not cause a significant increase in your cholesterol levels, protecting your heart.

3. Rabbit meat is rich in calcium and phosphorous

Rabbit meat has a healthy amount of calcium and phosphorous, two nutrients that play huge roles in building the body. Calcium helps in the formation of strong bones and teeth. It also helps to regulate muscle contraction and aids with blood clotting. Phosphorous also aids in the formation of strong bones and teeth, as well as helping the body maintain a regular heartbeat. Eating rabbit meat supplies your body with those two essential nutrients. Many studies have shown that rabbit meat has a high nutritional value compared with other meats.
Health Benefits of Rabbit Meat

4. Rabbit meat is good for pregnancy

Pregnant women eat special foods that are meant to help with the development of the fetus and rabbit meat is one of such foods as it is rich in B12 vitamins.

5. Rabbit meat is good for those with diabetes

Dealing with diabetes comes with a lot of diet restrictions but one of the recommended foods is rabbit meat. This is because rabbit meat contains low cholesterol and low-fat content. In addition to that, the presence of conjugated linoleic fatty acid, a molecule found in rabbit meat, may help prevent obesity as well as lessen the effects of diabetes.

6. Rabbit Meat Has Fewer Calories Than Other Meats

If you are looking for a way to lose weight, then you should add rabbit meat to your diet. This is because it contains fewer calories that would not add significantly to the calories in your body. In other words, eating rabbit meat would not add to your weight. According to the USDA, 3-ounce serving of wild, uncooked rabbit contains only 96 calories.
Bottom Line
Rabbit meat is one meat you should definitely eat more. The health benefits of rabbit meat include are manifold. It is low in fat, contains vital nutrients, low in calories, and also rich in protein.



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