How to Avoid Getting Sick in Nigeria As A Traveller

How to Avoid Getting Sick in Nigeria As A Traveller

If you are coming to Nigeria, especially if it is your first time, the last thing you would want is to fall sick in the country. This is because your body may not be used to the diseases or illnesses in the country, which means your immune system may not be strong enough to fight them off. Illnesses like malaria, and yellow fever can be very deadly, although they can be treated. But, as they say, prevention is better than cure.

That is why we would be looking at steps you can take to avoid getting sick during your stay in Nigeria. 

Get Vaccinated

The first step is to get vaccinated against certain diseases. Getting vaccination against illnesses like COVID-19, yellow fever, cholera, and polio is not only recommended but required as you would not be allowed to travel out if you do not get yourself vaccinated.

Stay In A Clean Environment

Before you come to Nigeria, make adequate plans for your accommodation. This is so that you can stay in a clean and organised environment. This would greatly reduce your chances of falling sick. Stay in a room that has good ventilation and light. Also, choose to stay in a part of town that is generally neat. 

Avoid Eating or drinking from the roadside

Do not drink water from taps along the road. This is because water from those taps is often untreated, which makes it not safe for drinking. Drinking such water could give you cholera or diarrhoea. 

Also, avoid buying food from the roadside. This one of the most common causes of food poisoning in Nigeria. Most vendors are not exactly hygienic and pay almost no attention to what goes into their foods. This, coupled with the fact that what they sell may not be something your stomach agrees with, is why you should stick to eating at restaurants instead. You also need to be mindful of what you eat even in a restaurant.

Use A Mosquito Net

Malaria is one sickness you should try to avoid during your stay in Nigeria. One way of doing that is by making sure you sleep under a mosquito-treated net. This net would help repel mosquitoes, keeping you safe and giving you a sound rest. 

Use A Nose Mask

Using a nose mask during your stay in Nigeria would be very beneficial, as it would prevent you from getting a range of airborne diseases, including COVID-19, tuberculosis, and catching flu. Make sure to keep your nose mask at all times, especially when you are in public spaces. 

Keep Your Hands Clean

While in Nigeria, it would be helpful to keep your hands to yourself. There is no telling what germs or bacteria you might pick up when you go about shaking hands indiscriminately. Avoid touching surfaces as well. As soon as you get back to your hotel room or wherever you are staying, make sure to wash your hands properly. It would also help if you carry a hand sanitizer around. 

Bring Your Own Medications

If you are on medications of any sort, it would help you to bring them along when coming to Nigeria. This is because such medications may be hard to find around. Also, consult your doctor on any kind of medications you might need during your stay. This would be very helpful in keeping you from falling sick. You can find out the list of drugs banned in Nigeria.


Bottom Line

When coming to Nigeria, you need to take precautions to stay healthy and enjoy your stay. The above tips will help you avoid getting sick in Nigeria.


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