How To Reduce Internal Body Heat

How To Reduce Internal Body Heat

Body heat is normal in this part of the world. one of the major causes of body heat is high temperature. This is often a leading cause in tropical countries like Nigeria. The high temperature from the sun results in body heat as it would alter the body temperature, preventing the body from cooling itself as it should. Other causes of body heat include eating very hot or spicy food, engaging in intense workout activities, medical conditions, and more. Knowing how to reduce internal body heat is essential, especially during periods of hot weather.

In today’s article, we would be looking at ways to reduce internal body heat. 

1. Stay Hydrated

The first thing to remember is to always stay hydrated. Drinking water would help you maintain an internal body temperature, keeping your body cool. Do not wait until you feel thirsty before drinking water as your body would have lost a lot of water before you begin to feel thirsty. Drink water regularly during the day, and not just during meals. 

Also besides water, some fruits, such as watermelon, pineapple, and cucumber, would help keep your body cool.  Another great alternative is coconut water. Coconut water contains essential vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes that hydrates and energize your body when you have internal heat.

2. Wear The Right Clothes

Avoid wearing tight clothes or clothes made from synthetic materials. Also avoid wearing clothes made from materials like latex or silk as they may make you uncomfortable and make it difficult for your skin to breathe, resulting in increasing body heat. Wear breathable clothes like the ones made from cotton, and other natural materials. 

Another thing to do is to wear the right clothes. For example, it is wrong to wear thick clothes in the middle of the dry season. When the heat is too much, opt for lighter clothes to allow your body to breathe properly. Also, avoid wearing black clothes as they absorb heat from the sun, which only makes you hotter.

3. Stay Away From The Sun

If you have no business being outside, then stay indoors by all means. Being exposed to the sun would drastically increase your body heat and also give you sunburns. If you have to be outside, consider wearing a hat or using an umbrella. Also, you can walk under a shade or under the shadows of buildings to keep yourself cool. The aim here is to limit your exposure to the sun as much as possible to keep the heat out. 

How To Reduce Internal Body Heat

4. Take A Cold Shower

Taking a cold showers can cause a rapid reduction in internal body temperature. It can make your body feel cool and relax the nerves.

If you know how to swim, then visiting the pool would help cool your body temperature on a hot day. Swimming in cool water would help to regulate your internal body temperature. 

5. Avoid Spicy Food

If the weather outside is hot, then you should avoid eating hot or spicy food as it would only make you feel hotter. So, you should reduce the quantity of pepper you put in your food to keep yourself cooler. 

6. Soak Your Feet In Cold Water

Another thing you can do to reduce your body heat is by soaking your feet in cold water. Just fill a bowl with cold water and soak your feet in it for as long as you want and it would help to keep your body cool. 


Bottom Line

Internal body heat is a condition that arises when an individual experiences an uncomfortable sensation of excess body heat. This points above show you how to reduce internal body heat by stay hydrated, taking a cool shower, and eating spicy foods.


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