How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the December Holidays in Nigeria

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the December Holidays in Nigeria

The month of December is one marked with festivity, not just in Nigeria alone but all over the world. December is particularly special because it is the last month of the year, which naturally means it is that time when people decide to take the break they did not take during the past eleven months as they wait for the new year. Besides that, days like Christmas and Boxing day make the month more fun and the perfect time for a holiday.

In Nigeria, most people have the habit of travelling home for Christmas. This yearly migration adds more zest to the period. Naturally, there is a lot of merriment this period, whether one decides to go home or not. There would be lots of events happening at this period, with so much to eat and drink. This is a period to relax and enjoy, and if one is not careful, one might get carried away and put on a little weight. It is not unusual to feel a bit lethargic after the holidays, especially when work starts. That is why staying fit during the holidays is quite important.

Many people would argue that staying fit during the holidays is not very easy, given the general mood during the time. But staying fit is something you can handle easily, without needing to go to the gym or do something extra hard.

So, in this post, we have outlined some tips for you to follow to keep fit during the holidays.

Watch What You Eat

There is a lot to eat this period but it does not mean you must eat everything or eat every time. Just because there is food available does not mean you must indulge, especially when you are not hungry. Only eat what you can manage and do not force yourself or overfeed.

Engage In Physical Activities

Whether you are back in your hometown or still in the city, you can use this period to do some running or hiking. You can plan to do this every morning before the sun is up or late in the evening when the weather is cool. If you are in your hometown, you might find one or two trails where you can do some good running. You can also take the time to explore some areas you have never been to before. You might even find a stream where you can have a splash. No matter where you are, make it a point to engage in some form of physical activity every day, especially after a heavy meal.

Take part in holiday activities

There would be a lot of activities taking place this period, and it would help you if you can get involved in anyone. It could be church activities, end-of-the-year activities in your workplace, in your neighbourhood, social club, anywhere at all. This would help to keep your mind sharp and focused, which is very important this period.

Do Not Stop Exercising

There is no rule that states that you must suspend your exercise routine because of the holidays. You may not have the motivation to go to the gym again, but you can always exercise from home. Dedicate 30 – 60 minutes every day for your exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, jump rope, and planks are some of the exercises you can do everyday at home. Exercising every day would help to burn calories and also keep you in good shape all through the holidays.


It is the holidays. Beyond the festivity and merriment, it is a time for you to take a break and relax. Put work and other things on hold and try to keep your mind at ease. Staying fit also includes your mind, as well. Read a book, play puzzles, sleep regularly, or just visit a show. Do not try to stress yourself or do anything that would be physically or mentally strenuous this period. Theses are some of the healthiest ways to relax.

Observe COVID-19 Guidelines

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During the December Holidays in Nigeria

The COVID-19 pandemic is still very much out there and it would be wise to observe the NCDC coronavirus prevention guidelines while celebrating the festivities this December. Therefore, wear your face masks, sanitize your hands, and don’t touch your face.

The key to staying fit during the December holidays is observing everything in moderation, including what you eat and the activities you take part in.


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