Is it Dangerous to Eat Mango after Drinking Coke or Fanta

Eating Mango With Coke

There is a popular belief among Nigerians, especially while growing up, that eating mango after drinking coke or fanta can kill you. Or you might have likely heard that eating mango after drinking garri is dangerous.

This belief is also common in some parts of the world. Many people spread the belief, warning you not to take drinks like Coca Cola or Fanta after eating fruits like mangos or pineapples. They claim that when the two combine, it can form a deadly poison that kills you instantly.

The message has been passed on for years and to many people. However, is this a myth or a fact. Let’s find out!

The Origin of the Belief

The belief began some years back when a message started circulating on social media. The message claimed that an Indian tourist visiting China ate mango and also consumed Coca Cola within a short time. After that he collapsed and was rushed to a hospital, where he was declared dead.

The dubious message went on to further claim that the Doctor in the hospital, said that after eating mango, no aerated drinks, like Coca-Cola or Fanta should be consumed because both of them will combine to create a deadly poison.

The message also advised whoever read it to warn their loved ones or friends to refrain from eating mango and drinking Coke or Fanta afterwards. That was how this belief came about.

Eating Mango and Drinking Coke or Fanta is Dangerous: Myth or Fact?

Eating Mango With Coke

Firstly, the story about an Indian tourist who died while visiting China isn’t true. There is no news report about that anywhere or anyone who can verify the story.

Secondly, no medical evidence has stated that eating mango after drinking aerated drinks is dangerous. No medical research has suggested that Coke or Fanta combines with mango to form a deadly poison that can kill someone.

Thirdly, if it was really true that eating mango after drinking Fanta is dangerous, then they would be various warnings about taking the two products together. Many news outlets, websites and governments would be massively spoken out about it all around the world.

Lastly, I’m one hundred percent sure that a huge number of the global population have eaten mango and coke or Fanta. If this claim were to be true, we would have heard about multiple deaths.

This belief is, therefore, a myth.

This is similar to another popular belief that consuming Mentos gum while drinking Coke together leads to death. There’s also another popular one in Nigeria, which claims that eating mango after drinking garri can kill you instantly.

The fact is that garri is made up of carbohydrates, and mango is full of vitamins. Both of them can’t combine to form a poison. At most, it could lead to stomach upset and purging when you overeat them.

The most important thing is to eat healthy and eat in moderation.

Thanks for reading. Is there any other myth that you know? Please comment below and let us know.

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  1. Thanks for that my folks and friends have been pushing false things into my head all this time, I just knew they weren’t true cuz I’ve tried it several times and they said to me was ” you didn’t do it well” or ” it’s suppose to be unripe mango”


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