Is it Safe to Order Food During the COVID Pandemic?

Is it safe to order food during the COVID pandemic
Is it safe to order food during the COVID pandemic?

Since the coronavirus outbreak, governments have advised people to stay indoors and maintain social distancing to help curb the spread of the virus.
However, these preventive measures have its own challenges, especially when it comes to getting foods and other essentials. The government has restricted restaurants to take outs only, and the only other viable option is to order for food either online or over the phone.

We understand the risk posed by meeting new people at least three times daily, and as such, one may wonder if it is really safe to order for food during this coronavirus.

The CDC says there is little risk of contracting the coronavirus through foods and encourages people to order for foods to be delivered to them as food delivery also encourages social distancing. [1]

However, there are still some precautionary measures you should take if have to order food during COVID. Let’s find them out.

Is the coronavirus transmissible through food?

Is it safe to order food during the COVID pandemic

According to the Food and Drug Administration, there is really no evidence that the coronavirus can be transmitted through food. It has not yet been demonstrated that anyone can contact the coronavirus from the foods they eat. [1]

At the moment, coronavirus is regarded as a respiratory tract disease which can only move from one person to another through the sputum that comes out when an infected person coughs or sneezes. As such, coronavirus is not considered a foodborne disease. So if you are wondering: is it safe to order food during COVID pandemic? Then the answer is yes.

Since the virus isn’t foodborne, this makes it safe for you to order and have food delivered to your home. Nevertheless, there are some practices you need to put in place to keep yourself safe while ordering food.

Best practices when ordering food during this pandemic

Is it safe to order food during the COVID pandemic
Is it safe to order food during the COVID pandemic?

The following are some of the precautionary measures you should take when ordering food during the pandemic.

Find out about the restaurant

First off, you need to find out what measures the restaurant you are ordering food from is taking regarding hygiene and packaging. Are they taking all the adequate measures to make sure the food is clean? Are the workers packaging the food without face masks and hand gloves? These are the questions you need to find answers to before deciding if it is safe to order food during COVID.

Maintain social distancing

When it comes to preventing the coronavirus, maintaining social distancing is one of the most effective ways.
It is recommended that you maintain a distance of at least a meter when you are meeting other people during this pandemic.

As such, when you order for food, you might want to ensure you maintain the same distance you normally would with the delivery man. You can even ask them to leave your order by your doorstep while you pass them the money beneath your door and then go out to get the food immediately, they leave.

Use your face mask

If you must go out to receive your delivery, ensure you wear your face mask while maintaining social distancing.
The WHO recommends the face mask as a means of protecting yourself from the infection as well as transmitting it to other people when you are in self-isolation.

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Take precautions when making payment

If you have to pay by cash or get change back, instead of taking the money in your hands, take the money in a bag. If a credit/debit card has been used, wipe with alcohol and place it in a bag or envelope.

Wash your hands

Washing of hands is highly recommended, especially if you have made any contact with the delivery man. Even if you have not made any contact with the delivery man, it is still recommended that you wash your hands after unwrapping your food as the virus can stick to the wrapping and then to your hands for a while.

Ordering food during this coronavirus pandemic is perfectly safe because the virus is not foodborne, and if you are careful enough to observe the above-stated guidelines, you will be perfectly fine with food delivery.

Bottom Line

Although it may be safe to order food during the COVID-19 pandemic, you still have to be cautious and practice these safety measures. You should also eat foods that will boost your immune system.


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