How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

The toenails are a part of the body that people do not often remember to take care of. While people might remember to take care of their fingernails, the toenails rarely enter their minds. This is often because people do not think that their toenails should be healthy. Most people like to maintain short and clean fingernails. Indeed, many cannot go a week without trimming their fingernails and keeping in in check. The same cannot be said for the toenails. This article will show you how to keep your toenails healthy.

Keeping your toes healthy is very important for your hygiene. Your toes deserve proper care just like any other part of your body. If you take proper care of your toenails you can avoid unhealthy toenails conditions. That is why in today’s post, we would discuss some tips to keep your toenails healthy. 

1. Trim Your Toenails

The first place to start is by regularly trimming your toenails. But you should keep in mind that you should avoid cutting them too short as this may result in ingrown toenails or an infection. Also, when cutting your toenails, remember to cut them straight across rather than cutting them into corners. Make use of clean instruments to trim your nails as this would reduce the chances of an infection. 

How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

2. Keep Your Feet Dry

If you can help it, avoid walking with your barefoot, especially in wet areas. Having your feet always wet could result in the growth of nail fungus. After having your regular shower, towel your toes along with the rest of your body. Also, avoid wearing wet shoes and other footwear, like socks. You should let your toes breathe so get rid of tight shoes. Still on shoes, do not wear the same shoe every day for several days as it would make the shoe moist and uncomfortable for your feet. Wear shoes made from natural and breathable materials. 

3. Moisturise Your Feet

Keep your feet moisturised. As you apply cream to the rest of your body, do not leave your feet behind. Use a nice, soft cream and gently apply it to your feet. Do not get the cream between your toes, however, as that could lead to fungus. 

4. File Your Nails

Besides cutting your toenails, you should also file them regularly. This would help to keep the nails soft prevent hangnails as well as rips and tears to the nail. Use a soft file for this and remember to go gentle on it. 

How to Keep Your Toenails Healthy

5. Have A Footbath

Another thing you can do to keep your toenails healthy is to soak your feet in a footbath. This helps to remove the dirt in your nails and also keeps your feet clean. This would also prevent the growth of nail fungus and other infections on your toes and feet. You should also get a regular pedicure treatment for your feet.

6. Always Inspect Your Toes

Just like any other part of your body, make sure you inspect your toes regularly for signs of infections. The earlier they are detected, the better. If you have sustained an injury or noticed anything rather unusual with your toes, it is best to contact a medical doctor for proper inspection and care. 

In addition, don’t play football with your barefoot, especially when you have a long toenail. If you do so, you toenails can break and injure you.

Also, don’t wear tight shoes that hurt your toenails.




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