7 Real Health Benefits of Watermelon Back (Rind)

Health Benefits of Watermelon Back

Watermelon is a favourite fruit for many. It is sweet, cool, and very juicy. Eating watermelon can help one to cool down as it comprises mostly of water. Watermelon is one fruit people can eat without meeting any obstacles like large seeds or partitions. Most people eat the whole pink flesh until the rind is remaining. The rind, or the back, is that greenish skin of the fruit. While most people just stop at the pink inner flesh, some people consume the whole thing, along with the green rind.

The reason many people avoid the green rind is that they do not think it is edible. But is very edible, just like the pink part of the fruit and it contains a lot of nutrients. 

If you have not been eating watermelon rind before, it may be fair to say that you have been missing out on one of the best parts of the fruit because of its many health benefits. 

Today, we would be looking at some of the health benefits of watermelon rind and why you should eat it next time you are enjoying a watermelon. 

Health Benefits of Watermelon Back (Rind)

The following are some of the medically-proven health benefits of watermelon back.

1. Reduces Blood Pressure

Watermelon rind is rich in potassium, which is very helpful in reducing blood pressure levels in the body. Potassium is a nutrient that helps This would greatly reduce the risks of hypertension or heart attack. 

2. It Helps With Weight Loss

Some people who are aiming for weight loss tend to avoid eating too many fruits as it does not satisfy their hunger but only makes them hungrier. If you are one of such persons, then you would find watermelon rind very essential. In addition to benefiting from the many nutrients stacked in the rind, it is also rich in fibre. This means that eating it would also make you feel fuller for longer. 

In addition, 200g of watermelon back contains about 60 calories. However, it is also rich in fibre, which fills you up faster, and helps you maintain a healthy weight.

3. It Is Good For Working Out

Having watermelon rind before and after you work out is very good. Eating it before you work out would sort of giving you a boost that would allow you to go about your routine easily as it improves the movement of oxygen to your muscles. Having it after your workout would help deal with muscles soreness and aches, which would help you feel a lot better after the workout session. Medical studies have suggested that citrulline, an amino that is present in watermelon rinds, helps is improve exercise performance.

4. It Is Rich In Fibre

The fibre in watermelon rind does more than just make one fuller after eating. It also helps the digestion process by easing the passage of food. This prevents constipation and other gastrointestinal conditions. The fibre also helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body, preventing heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases. 

Health Benefits of Watermelon Back

5. Keeps Your Skin Healthy

Eating watermelon rind is also good for your skin as it improves the texture of your skin and also prevents a range of skin conditions like wrinkles, blemishes, and age spots. 

6. Improves Libido

If you are looking for a way to enhance your sex life, then watermelon rinds can work magic for you as it helps to boost libido and also helps you to maintain an erection. Some research have suggested that citrulline in watermelon back can help in boosting sexual performance.

7. Excellent Source of Antioxidants

A medical study in 2020 investigated the Antioxidant activity and mineral content of watermelon peel or rind. The study found out that watermelon rinds are an excellent source of natural polyphenols, antioxidants and minerals. This means that eating watermelon back can help you fight off free cancer-causing radicals.

How to Eat Watermelon Back

Here are some simple ways you can eat watermelon back and add it to your diet.

  • Watermelon rind juice: you can blend the watermelon rinds and drink it like a smoothie.
  • Eat raw: you can wash the watermelon rinds and eat it raw, just like a cucumber.
  • Sliced in salads: you can slice the watermelon rinds into small pieces and add it to your salad and coleslaws.

As you have seen, the health benefits of watermelon back or rinds. Hence, you should consider eating them, instead of throwing them away. Watermelon rinds can boost your libido, improve your workout, and reduce your blood pressure.





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