10 Healthy Nigerian Desserts Everyone Must Try

Kilishi healthy Nigerian desserts

Everyone loves to have dessert. Most times, we do not necessarily have them after a meal, but at any time of the day, as a snack. What is there not to love about desserts? They are tasty and satisfying. Plus, they are always easy to get and you can easily make them at home.

In today’s post, we would be looking at some healthy Nigerian desserts you can try. 

1. Puff Puff

Healthy Nigerian snacks
Source: Nigerian Women Blog

Puff Puff could easily be said to be most people’s favourite snack. Apart from how sweet it is, puff puff is quite satisfying and could even pass for breakfast or lunch for some people, who usually accompany it with a bottle of soft drink. Puff puff is usually served at occasions as dessert, although most people rather have it alone.

Puff puff is made of flour, butter, sugar, salt. Yeast is added to the mixture so it rises. It is then fried in hot oil, resulting in a deep brown colour. Some people serve it like that or sprinkle a bit of sugar on it for extra sweetness. Some also add pepper to the mix to give it a bit of a spicy feel. 

2. Meat Pie

Nigerian meat pie
Source: My Diaspora Kitchen

Someone from outside Africa may not understand why we call it meat pie, but we Nigerians know what we mean when we say meat pie.

Besides being eaten as a dessert, meat pie is also a very popular snack, commonly sold in restaurants and other locations. It has a filling containing meat and vegetables, like carrots. Meat pie is usually baked and, due to its content, can be quite satisfying. 

3. Plantain Chips

Healthy Nigerian Appetizers
IG: @plantain_mama

Plantain chips are a treat on their own. It is tasty, crunchy, and also nutritious, supplying your body with healthy amounts of iron since it is made from unripe plantain.

The plantain is usually cut in various shapes and lengths, although it is very common for people to cut theirs in small, thin circles. To enhance the taste, some people rub theirs in sugar after slicing.

Others just prefer to sprinkle a bit of salt in theirs, before they fry it in hot oil. No matter how you like yours, plantain chips always make for a good dessert. 

4. Boli

Healthy Nigerian snacks
IG: boli_gang

Bole or boli is another popular dessert made from plantain, but this time, it is roasted, and most people prefer to use ripe plantain for it.

Boli can be eaten with nuts, fish, or even eaten alone. Ripe plantain is placed on a grill while it slowly roasts, hardening the outside. It is best eaten hot or very warm. 

5. Chin Chin

Healthy Nigerian snacks

This is another snack with a crunchy taste. Chin chin is a very popular dessert, usually eaten after meals, especially during occasions. But it can also be enjoyed alone. Part of the appeal is the crunchiness. It is cut in small sizes, so that one can eat up to 20 or more at once, depending on how small it is. 

6. Nuts

Healthy Nigerian nuts
Almond nuts

There are different types of nuts in Nigeria and most are enjoyed as dessert. Popular options include groundnuts and cashew nuts. Nuts are nutritious and healthy and are great for everyone. Some people may eat groundnuts alone or with other food like bread. There are so many healthy Nigerian nuts you should try as your dessert.

7. Kilishi

Kilishi healthy Nigerian desserts

Kilishi is the Nigerian beef jerky. This healthy Nigerian dessert is a dried form of suya, made from boneless cow, sheep or goat meat. The lean meat is sliced into very thin sheets and sun-dried for a few days. Kilishi is spicy and delicious, but it is also packed with healthy animal protein.

8. Roasted corn (with pear or coconut)

Roasted corn and Pear ube Healthy Nigerian desserts

It’s a healthy Nigerian food combo that can not also serve as a healthy Nigerian appetizer. Roasted corn is very healthy, and it is usually eaten with roasted Nigerian pear (ube) or coconut.

9. Garden Eggs and Groundnut Paste

garden egg and groundnut paste

Another popular Nigerian food combo that would make a really healthy dessert is garden egg and groundnut paste. Garden egg is a fruit that is rich in fibre and iron. While groundnut paste is basically Nigerian peanut butter. It is a creamy paste made if groundnut. It is also called ose oji.

10. Donkwa

Nigerian snacks for weight loss

Donkwa is a Nigerian street snack, that is popular in Northern Nigeria. It is made from roasted, dried and milled maize and groundnuts. Donkwa is also called Tanfiri. It is a savoury Nigerian dessert that is easy to make, full of protein and also gluten-free.




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