5 Marvellous Health Benefits of Meat Pie

Health Benefits of Meat Pie

Meat Pie is a popular snack among students, teenagers, and young adults, with Aussies being the biggest meat pie eaters globally. It is made with minced meat (usually beef or lamb), vegetables, gravy, and sometimes cheese.

Meat pie is generally eaten in between meals and served on occasion alongside drinks. The meat pie can be eaten cold or hot and can be garnished with different kinds of veggies.

In Nigeria, meat pie is a popular snack which is eaten in every part of the country.

Nigerian meat pie is typically moist, yummy, delicious and has minced meat, along with potato and carrot filling. The filling is adequately seasoned and gives the meat pie its unique taste.

Although a snack, meat pie can benefit your health when eaten in moderation. In this article, we will explore some of the potential health benefits of meat pie.

5 Health Benefits of Meat Pie

Meat pie is primarily made with flour, minced beef, carrots, potatoes, eggs, salt, and onions. These ingredients in meat pie constitutes it’s nutritional value and health benefits.

1. High in protein

Meat pie contains lean meat in good quantity. This meat is a good source of protein which plays an essential role in helping your body build and repair muscles and other tissues like skin, hair, and nails.

Also, lean meat mince contains high amounts of protein and vitamins B2 (riboflavin) and B12 (cobalamin). These nutrients help prevent anemia which is caused due to low levels of iron in the body.

2. Rich in vitamins and minerals

Meat pies contain veggies rich in several vitamins and minerals that can help boost your overall health.

Some examples include vitamin B12 (which helps protect against anemia), riboflavin (which helps reduce tiredness), niacin (which helps reduce cholesterol levels), vitamin D (needed for strong bones), selenium (helps prevent cancer), phosphorus (helps build strong teeth and bones).

These vitamins and minerals may also help protect against heart disease and arthritis.

3. Good source of fiber

Flour, the key ingredient made of wheat grains, is an excellent source of fiber, carbohydrates, thiamine, protein, and iron.

The fiber component of the meat pie helps keep you regular by softening your stools, so they pass through easily without straining.

Fibre keeps you feeling full for longer, so it’s great for losing weight if you’re trying to shed those extra pounds!

4. High in monounsaturated fats

Grounded beef in the meat pie is an excellent source of monounsaturated fats. Also, grounded beef is rich in zinc and some vitamins and minerals.

Monounsaturated fats are healthy fats that aid your body in fighting weight issues, inflammation, and heart diseases. Despite the quantity of the grounded meat being small in the meat pie, you can still enjoy some of these benefits,

Research has shown that zinc is an essential component in brain development. This is why meat pie is advisable for children because the zinc content helps in boosting their learning ability.

5. Contains carrot – an excellent source of vitamin A

Carrot is one of the essential veggies that completes a meat pie. Carrots are rich in beta-carotene, vitamin K1, fiber, and potassium.

In the body, the beta-carotene nutrient is converted into vitamin A, which helps improve eyesight and is needed to develop a strong immune system.

Also, the antioxidant properties found in Vitamin A protect the skin from ultraviolet rays.

Does Meat Make You Fat?

When the meat pie is stuffed with the wrong things, it can make you fat. It is advised to go for meat pie stuffed with veggies, as they are healthier than those stuffed with hotdogs and ketchup.

The calories in one serving of meat pie can be as high as 370 calories.

What Can You Eat Meat Pie With?

You can eat meat pie with any kind of drink, such as natural beverages, fruit juice, yoghurt, and milk. You can decide to eat it with some ketchup toppings. Basically, there is no specific way to eat meat pie; it all depends on your preference and culture.


Meat pie is a healthy snack when stuffed with the right things. It is advisable to go for a homemade meat pie. If you must get one from a fast food store, always ask what the meat pie is stuffed with. However, you must eat meat pie in moderation to stay healthy and derive the above health benefits of Nigerian mean pie.



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