7 Amazing Health Benefits Of Eating Fried Rice 

Health Benefits Of Eating Fried Rice 

Nothing says ‘celebration’ like a plate of fried rice in Nigeria. The food is commonly reserved for occasions such as festivities or parties. Everything about the food just gives it a rather special feeling, from the taste to the garnishing. It is indeed a special food.

Fried rice is Nigeria’s second most popular rice dish, behind the ever famous jollof rice.

When making fried rice, the rice is not fried in the actual sense, like one would fry meat, for example. Instead, it is cooked with vegetables like carrots, spring onions, green peas, and more. This is why some people refer to it as ‘vegetable fried rice’ instead.

Besides the taste, fried rice is generally thought of as a healthy food due to the ingredients used in making it. Fried rice is loaded with a range of nutrients, many of which you may not be aware of.

In this article, we will be looking at some of the health benefits of eating fried rice.

1. It Is good for the eyes 

The carrots used in making fried rice play a tremendous role in promoting good eyesight.

Carrot is a rich source of beta-carotene, and when it is ingested, the body converts it to vitamin A, a nutrient that plays a big role in maintaining good eye health.

Lack of this vitamin could lead to blindness and other problems with the eyes.

So when next you eat fried rice, believe that you are doing the right thing for your eyes.

2. It supplies energy to the body

Do not forget that rice is rich in carbohydrates, a nutrient that helps to supply energy to the body. Energy is needed by the body every day to perform all sorts of tasks.

3. It is a good vegan option

If you are looking for a new meal to introduce to your vegan/vegetarian menu, then you should think of fried rice.

It is the perfect option. It has diverse vegetables and can be enjoyed on its own without the need for protein, such as meat or fish.

If you are making it as a vegan option, you should avoid using livers and shrimps when making it and just stick with the vegetables instead. In place of turkey or chicken, enjoy it with salad.

4. It Is filling 

One serving of fried rice can keep you full for a long time. This is because it contains a lot of vegetables, which adds up to its calorie count.

Because it makes you feel full for longer, you would not have to eat as often as you normally would.

This is why it is a great choice for people who are actively trying to lose weight.

5. It Is loaded with nutrients 

There are fewer foods that are packed with nutrients, as much as fried rice.

The nutrients in the food vary, depending on the vegetable combination used to prepare it.

But it is certain that it is always loaded with these vegetables, and they are all bursting with nutrients that your body would benefit from.

Some asnutrients it contains include carbohydrates, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron, vitamin A, and vitamin C.

6. It is easy to digest

Fried rice is typically prepared with white rice, which is well-known for being an easy to digest food.

The meal is low in fat and fiber, making it easy on the stomach. It also makes it a good food option for people with digestive problems, nausea or heartburn.

Health Benefits of fried rice

7. It is rich in protein

The typical Nigerian fried rice is prepared with a lot of animal protein, such as chicken, beef, turkey, and shrimp.

This makes fried rice a highly proteinous food, with lots of benefits.


If you love eating fried rice, you will be glad to find out the health benefits of fried rice. However, you need to eat this meal in moderation, reduce the salt content, and pair it with lots of vegetables and high protein foods.



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