5 Savoury and Healthy Nigerian Biscuits

Healthy Nigerian Biscuits

It is very obvious that Nigerians love biscuits. There are so many biscuit brands that are bought regularly in Nigeria. Also, a lot of Nigerians eat biscuits with virtually any food or drink.

However, our love of sweet biscuits can become a source of worry for anyone who is watching their weight. Additionally, people who are trying to eat healthily will have issues choosing biscuits to eat, thanks to the number of calories and sugar found in most biscuits.

Nonetheless, you don’t have to worry about not eating biscuits because you want to eat healthily. In this article, I have researched and listed some healthy Nigerian biscuits that can help you eat healthily and achieve your weight loss goals.

1. Mcvities Digestive Biscuits

Healthy Nigerian Biscuits Digestive Biscuits

Most digestive biscuits usually contain brown wheat flour, which is responsible for its distinctive texture and flavour. It also contains sugar, malt extract, vegetable oil, wholemeal, sodium bicarbonate, tartaric acid, and salt. They are also low in calories and sugar. The high wholewheat content makes these biscuits makes them a good source of fibre which might be good for digestion.

Although they are called digestive biscuits, they don’t exactly help in aiding digestion. You should eat some Nigerian foods that are rich in fiber for that.

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2. Cabin Biscuits

Healthy nigerian biscuits Cabin biscuits

The oxford sweetened flavour cabin biscuits is the most popular brand of biscuit in Nigeria. It is usually made up of wheat flour, vegetable fat, sugar, liquid glucose, molasses, ammonium sodium bicarbonate, salt, and sodium metabisulphite. However, what makes cabin biscuits a healthy biscuit is that it contains less sugar and fat. You can enjoy them with tea, pap or butter. Just like Oxford, Yale cabin biscuits are another brand of cabin biscuits that are equally healthy.

3. Malted Milk Biscuits

Malted milk biscuits are named after their malt flavouring and milk content. They are made up of wheat flour, vegetable oil, malted barley extract, sodium bicarbonate, glucose, salt, and flavouring.
These biscuits have a high malt and milk content, which contain a lot of healthy nutrients compared to other biscuits. They also have one of the lowest calories amounts per biscuit and low sugar content and saturated fat content. Some popular brands of malted milk biscuits are Fox’s and Tesco.

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4. Cream Cracker Biscuits

Healthy Nigerian Biscuits

Cream cracker is a dry, crunchy biscuit and flat biscuit. It is often square-shaped, tasty, and golden brown. They are made from wheat flour, oats, vegetable oil, salt, sodium bicarbonate, and yeast. They are low in calories and healthier compared to biscuits. They are rich in B complex vitamins, contain dietary fibre, and gives energy. They are also usually free of artificial colors and preservatives. However, always check the label of any cream cracker biscuit for the salt or sodium content.

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5. Mcvities Rich Tea

Rich tea is a kind of sweetened biscuit that is delicious, soft, and crunchy. The ingredients in rich tea biscuits usually include wheat flour, sugar, vegetable oil, and malt extract. These rich tea biscuits are really low in saturated fats and have the lowest calories compared to many other biscuits. 1 pack of rich tea biscuit (8.4g) contains about 36 calories.

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