5 Healthy Finger Foods in Nigeria

Nigerian Spring rolls Finger Foods in Nigeria

No Nigerian party is complete without finger foods. Finger foods, also known as appetizers or, more colloquially, small chops, are light foods eaten just to whet the appetite or to keep the mouth moving, while you wait for the main dish. Finger foods also include snacks that you can eat when you do not want to cook or eat something too heavy. Depending on the setting, finger foods can satisfy your hunger, at least for a while.

One thing about these finger foods is that they are usually very tasty or sweet, depending on what they are made from. They are also eaten with the hands, hence the name finger foods. In Nigeria, finger foods are sold everywhere, from fancy restaurants to roadside kiosks. This is why they are very popular and everyone has their favourite finger food. 

In today’s post, we would be exploring some of the popular foods in Nigeria. 

1. Chin Chin

Healthy Nigerian snacks

Chin chin is a tasty, crunchy snack that comes in small bits and is usually eaten in handfuls. While they are sold in stores, many people prefer to make theirs because of how easy it is. The ingredients for chin chin include flour, sugar, butter, milk, water, and more. All of this is mixed together and chopped into small bits, which is then fried in hot oil. It is then left to cool before it can be enjoyed, although some like theirs hot. 

Because of how small it comes, chin chin is a popular finger food in events like weddings and birthday parties. 

2. Puff Puff

Healthy Nigerian snacks


Puff puff is another popular finger food that is very sweet. It is made from dough which is fried in the form of small balls. The dough consists of ingredients like flour, sugar, sugar, and so on, with yeast, which makes the dough rise. Many people prefer to eat puff puff as a snack because it is very satisfying, and eating it alone or, more commonly, with a bottle of soft drink, can keep one full for a long time. 

3. Buns

Nigerian buns food

Buns looks very similar to puff puff, except that while puff puff has a soft brownish form, buns has rougher flesh, which is specifically why many people prefer it. Buns is also a more common snack because it is easier to prepare. Like puff puff, buns has a very sweet taste and can be very satisfying. Nigerian buns is also one of the most common finger foods in Nigeria, because it is very affordable.

4. Gizdodo

Gizdodo finger foods in Nigeria
Image: Chef Lola’s Kitchen

Gizdodo is made from gizzard and dodo (fried plantain), hence the name Gizdodo. The gizzard and plantain are fried separately. They are then mixed in a very rich, often spicy sauce. This gives it a very rich taste. Gizdodo is often served at events but is also sold in restaurants as well. Because of the easy process involved in making it, many people prefer to make theirs at home. 

5. Spring Rolls

Nigerian Spring rolls Finger Foods in Nigeria

Spring rolls is more common at parties and events. It has a Chinese origin, which is quite evident. Spring rolls are pastry rolls that contain vegetables and meat. The rolls are usually small and light. The beauty of this snack is the filling. The composition of the filling depends on personal preference, although it is more common to use vegetables like cabbage and so on. 

Other Healthy Finger Foods in Nigeria:

  • Garden egg and groundnut paste (Anara and Okwo osé)
  • Plantain chips
  • Donkwa
  • Roasted corn and pear (ube)
  • Banana and groundnut
  • Watermelon and pineapple
  • Cashew nuts
  • Samosa.



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