7 Excellent Health Benefits of Stockfish

Health Benefits of Stockfish

Stockfish is a type of fish that is widely eaten in Nigeria. It is very tasty and is mostly used in preparing soups because of how it enhances taste and aroma. Popularly called ‘okporoko’ amongst the Igbo people in Nigeria, stockfish is enjoyed all around the world.

What we call stockfish is a type of fish called cod. Most of the stockfish eaten around the world is shipped from Norway and is gotten from the waters of the Arctic Ocean.

After being captured, the cod is left to dry out in the cold air for a few months until it loses most of its moisture, resulting in a dried look. This drying method preserves the fish for a very long time. When it is put in hot water to cook, it regains most of its weight and becomes good for eating.

Stockfish in Nigeria has a deep history. During the Civil War between 1967 and 1970, stockfish was smuggled into Biafra to provide people there with protein as they was a food blockade in force that prevented major food items from reaching that part. Today, however, stockfish features as an important ingredient of many delicacies.

Besides its taste, stockfish contains a lot of nutrients that makes it the top choice of many. Today, we would be looking at these nutrients as we examine the health benefits of stockfish. However let’s start by examining the nutritional value of stockfish.

Nutritional Value of Stockfish

Stockfish is packed with protein, B vitamins, and minerals. It is very in lean protein, but low in calories, fat, and carbs. Stockfish contains a lot of B vitamins such as vitamin D, B6, B12 and niacin. The fish is also loaded with nutrients such as phosphorus, selenium, and omega-3 fatty acids.

7 Health Benefits of Stockfish

Health Benefits of Stockfish

1. Stockfish is rich in protein

Perhaps the most important health benefit of stockfish is that it is very rich in protein. While fishes of all kinds are noted to have high-protein content, stockfish is one fish that has that protein in high amounts, and not just any protein, but low-fat protein. This means that you get to gain all the protein without taking in much fat.

2. Stockfish promotes brain health 

Stockfish is a great source of nutrients that help promote brain health. It is a rich source of protein, which is essential for maintaining healthy brain function and development.

To add to that, it is loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which are crucial for brain health as they help to reduce inflammation and improve cognitive function. Stockfish is also an incredible source of B vitamins, which are important for maintaining healthy brain function and reducing the risk of cognitive decline.

3. Stockfish regulates cholesterol levels in the body

Another healthy benefit of eating stockfish is that it helps to maintain HDL cholesterol, the good kind, due to the presence of Omega-3 fats while reducing LDL cholesterol, the bad kind. This helps to prevent a range of heart diseases, which are often caused by high levels of bad cholesterol in the body.

4. Stockfish contains vitamin b12 and selenium

Stockfish contains an abundance of nutrients, including vitamin B12 and selenium, which are helpful in preventing colon cancer. This helps to keep the gut healthy and prevents digestive issues as well.

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5. Stockfish satisfies hunger

One reason why people like including stockfish in their diet is because it helps to satisfy hunger. This is because of how thick the flesh can get after it has come in contact with water. In the same way, it can also help one lose weight as you do not have to eat a lot of it to be full and also because it has fewer calories.

6. Stockfish is low in mercury

A common health concern associated with eating fish is the amount of mercury content. When humans eat fishes with high mercury content, the mercury can lead to health problems. However, stockfish is lower in mercury than most fishes, which makes it a better choice for those looking to avoid mercury.

Overall, stockfish is healthier than a lot of other fish. This is because it does not contain a lot of toxins like mercury and lead, which is found more in some other kinds of fish.

7. Stockfish contains vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that a high number of people are usually deficient of. Nonetheless, stockfish contains vitamin D.

This vitamin plays a critical role in regulating calcium and phosphorus levels in the body, which are important for maintaining healthy bones and teeth. It also helps to support the immune system, regulate insulin levels, and reduce inflammation.

Health Benefits of Stockfish

Bottom Line

Stockfish is a healthy seafood with many rich nutrients. It can be easily added to your soups, meals, and stews. Thus, you should definitely consider eating more stockfish today.




  1. Stockfish sounds like a great cured fish alternative to other popular fish on the market. I had never heard of stockfish before, but you mention that it is like cod, so that gives me an idea of what the taste would be like. I’ve only ever eaten cured fish like smoked salmon, so I would be interested to try the dried stockfish, too. Thank you for sharing the health benefits of this fish. 


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