5 Health Benefits of Groundnut Water

Groundnut water

Groundnut are legumes that are rich in nutrients and can be used for different purposes. It is not normally eaten raw as it can be fried, boiled, or roasted. Groundnut can also be used in making groundnut oil used in desserts, and snacks. Groundnut water, which is being discussed in this article, simply means soaking ground but in water for a period of time. Groundnut water has been said to contain some health benefits.

How to prepare groundnut water

Ingredients; groundnut and water

Method of preparation;
1. Separate the good groundnuts from the bad ones
2. Add water into a pot and heat
3. Add the groundnut and allow to boil for about 15-30 minutes.
4. Sieve the groundnut water into a clean bowl or cup and allow it to cool.
Note: the groundnut can still be useful.

Nutritional Content

Groundnuts are good sources of healthy fats, fiber, protein, vitamins, and other vital minerals necessary for proper growth and a healthy body. Groundnut water is a great way to take in these nutrients. That’s why we will be discussing the health benefits which of groundnut water in this article.

Health Benefits of Groundnut Water

Groundnut water

1. Can aid in weight loss

Groundnuts are rich in fiber and thus keeps you satisfied longer. This makes them a weight loss-friendly food. Although they are high in calories, they do not contribute to weight gain. You can drink groundnut water as a healthy drink for weight loss. [1]

2. Improves heart health

Heart diseases are one of the major causes of death worldwide. Taking groundnuts regularly is essential as they contain vital nutrients such as magnesium, copper, niacin, and some antioxidants, which are known to improve heart health. People who don’t want to chew on groundnuts can opt for groundnut water. [2]

3. Rich source of protein

Legumes generally are rich in protein, so groundnuts are not any different. Protein-rich foods are important as they help repair worn out tissues. It is advised that groundnut be added to the diet of children, vegetarians, and protein deficient people.

Also, having soaked groundnuts in the morning can be good for people who are into bodybuilding. Since groundnuts are very rich in protein, they can help in bodybuilding.

4. Helps with skin problems

Groundnut are also good sources of vitamins, which are good for healthy skin. Pregnant women also need to consume groundnut as the folate helps reduces birth defects and anaemia. Instead of chewing groundnut you can prepare groundnut water and take it with you anywhere.


5. Helps manage sugar levels

Groundnuts helps in maintaining a healthy sugar level, thereby reducing the risk of coronary diseases. Studies have also shown that groundnuts contain powerful antioxidants that may reduce your risk of cancer and heart disease.

Does groundnut water tighten the vagina?

We have to answer this question because there have been a lot of reports circulating on the internet about groundnut water being used to tighten the vagina. The simple truth is that there is no medical evidence that suggests that groundnut water can tighten the vagina.


The best time to consume groundnut water is before breakfast. It also cures infection and improves eye sight, and yes, it can be taken daily.




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