Welcome to Health Guide NG!

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We all want to be healthy. Being in excellent health is a desire shared by everyone around the world, especially Nigerians!

One significant way we can achieve good health is by learning about our health and how to live healthily. I want to help you live healthily, so I’m inviting you to read my first post on my blog.

Who am I?

My name is Collins Michael Nwokolo, the founder of Health Guide NG. I am a human physiologist, a remarkable writer, and a passionate health and fitness enthusiast. I have been a healthy blogger for many years, and I own You Must Get Healthy, a top online health blog.

I’ve always enjoyed sharing to people useful information about health and how they can be healthy.

What is Health Guide NG all about? 

HealthGuide.NG Logo

Health Guide NG (Health Guide Nigeria) is Nigeria’s online health and fitness guide. It is not just like other health blogs; it’s different. Health Guide NG is a health blog for Nigerians, and about Nigerians.

It covers local Nigerian topics about health and fitness. The content on this blog is written so the simple, Nigerian layman can understand perfectly.


What kind of content will be on this blog?

  • Educative information about common diseases
  • Health tips on a wide range of topics
  • Mental health topics relevant to Nigerians
  • Health benefits of Nigerian foods
  • Healthcare topics on Nigeria
  • Nigerian weight loss topics
  • Lifestyle and trending health content
  • Accurate news on health in Nigeria

Who are our contents for?

Our contents are primarily for Nigerians, not only in Nigeria but all over the world. Our content is also for everyone who wants to learn about health and fitness in Nigeria, or about Nigeria.

How can our readers get involved?

Our readers can join us on our social media platforms. There, we will interact and learn. You can comment on the blog freely and contact us too.

Our goals

The main goal of Health Guide NG is to be the top health blog in Nigeria. There’s no established Nigerian website where Nigerians can go and find reliable, accurate and trustworthy information on local health topics.

We hope to be that blog. We have much more plans for our blog and our future readers.

Thank you for reading our first post.

With a warm smile, and arching fingers on my keyboard, I say:

Welcome to Health Guide NG!


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