How To Protect Yourself From Secondhand Smoke

How To Protect Yourself From Secondhand Smoke

Inhaling smoke is never a good thing. Even though you do not smoke cigarettes or other kinds of drugs, it is not always easy to avoid getting smoke in your system. This is usually caused by secondhand smoke. Secondhand smoke refers to the smoke being exhaled by a smoker and the smoke coming from the cigarettes or any other thing they are smoking. This smoke finds its way into the system of the nonsmoker and can be very harmful. Secondhand smoke can be just as harmful as smoking directly. Some of the effects of secondhand smoking include lung cancer, breathing problems, heart diseases, and more.

Protecting you and your loved ones from secondhand smoke is very important if you plan on living a healthy life.  That is why today, we would be looking at some tips to protect yourself from secondhand smoke. 

1. Do Not Allow Smoking In Your Home/Car

If you do not smoke, there is no reason why you should allow smoking in your home. Make it clear to your visitors that smoking is not allowed in your home, especially if you have kids. You have to be quite clear about this. If it means displaying a bold sign like “No Smoking Here” in your house just to pass across your message, then do it. Make sure you are polite when telling people not to smoke in your house so as not to sound judgy or rude. 

Discouraging people from smoking around you would reduce your exposure to secondhand smoke. 

2. Do Not Be Around Smokers

While you can control what people do in your house or car, you cannot control what people do in their homes or public spaces. So, if you have friends that are chronic smokers, limit the way you visit them in their homes. Also, you would want avoid clubs or bars where people are more likely to smoke. This may mean that you would no longer have to hang out at your favourite spots, but it is the best for your health. If you have to visit such places, make sure you are far from where people are smoking. 

3. Visit Smoke-free Places

There are some public locations that do not allow smoking at all. Some restaurants and bars do not allow their customers to smoke within their premises. Even some hotels do not allow people lodging to smoke. These are the kind of places you should be visit as you can be sure that you would not come in contact with secondhand smoke in such places. 

Before visiting a restaurant or a bar, always try to find out if they allow smoking or not. This small tip can preserve your health. 

4. Make Sure Your Kids Are Safe Too

If you have children, it is important that you educate them on the need to avoid secondhand smoke as it is more dangerous to them. Tell them why it is important to stay away from secondhand smoke and how to avoid it. Make sure you take them to places where they would not be exposed to secondhand smoke. Also, ensure that the people they are always around, such as babysitters, lesson teachers, and so on, are nonsmokers. 

How To Protect Yourself From Secondhand Smoke



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