5 Medical Tests Every Nigerian Should Never Ignore

5 Medical Tests Every Nigerian Should Never Ignore

The importance of conducting regular medical check-ups and tests can never be overemphasised. A medical test is a good way to diagnose a serious condition. Some very serious conditions do not show the symptoms you would ordinarily expect at the early stage. That means you may still be breathing fine and be going about your life as normal without knowing you have a serious underlying condition. Hence the need for tests. Conducting tests regularly would give you peace of mind as you would be ready to begin the treatment of any condition.

In Nigeria, many people do not see the relevance of tests and would go years without visiting the hospital, as long as they are well. Even when they fall ill, they prefer to self-diagnose and just get any drugs rather than visit the hospital for a test. This is very dangerous and can worsen your condition. Always make sure that you conduct tests regularly.

While they are so many tests you could possibly do, there are some important tests you cannot just ignore and we would be looking at some of them here. 

1. HIV

Getting tested for HIV is something you should not ignore, particularly when you cannot practice abstinence as an adult. If you are the type that does not use a condom, you should get tested for HIV regularly. HIV can also be passed through other means, such as sharing sharp objects or through blood transfusion, so you have to be very careful. Although HIV is regarded as a very serious, life-threatening condition, getting diagnosed early would enable you to manage the condition better, by going on medications early. By doing that, the person can live a healthy, normal life. But it is important that you get tested often.

2. Breast Cancer

A breast cancer test is one you should not ignore as a woman. A mammogram test would help check for signs of breast cancer. If breast cancer is detected early, this could lead to early treatment, which is more risk-free, less expensive with a higher success rate. Leaving the cancer to spread is what does the real damage, often making it necessary for the breast to be amputated. Women after 45 are advised to go for a breast cancer checkup regularly. Once they cross 55, they should go for one twice every year. You can also feel for lumps in your breasts at home. 

5 Medical Tests Every Nigerian Should Never Ignore

3. Cervical Cancer

A cervical cancer test is also another thing you should endeavour to go for very often. The test is conducted with a pap smear that does not take up to 10 minutes. A cervical cancer test should be conducted every three years. 

4. Blood Pressure

Living in Nigeria is a lot of stress and if you live in cities like Lagos and Abuja, you are bound to face more stress every day. All of this stress can affect your health and raise your blood pressure. Having high blood pressure could lead to stroke, a heart attack, hypertension, and more. Going for a blood pressure test every three months is a good way to ensure that your blood pressure is at a good level. 

5. Colonoscopy

Colon cancer is becoming increasingly popular in Nigeria, as the number of patients keeps rising. There is a high risk of colon cancer among Africans and people over the age of 50. Colon cancer is very common that experts advice tha anyone over age 50 get tested, even if they don’t have symptoms.

However, the condition can treated effectively if detected early. A colonoscopy is the most effective screening test don for colorectal cancer, as it is the only screening test that can detect many colorectal cancers. In a colonoscopy, the doctor will examines the lining of the colon to check for polyps or tumors.




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