Is Eating Chicken and Chips Healthy?

Chicken and Chips

Nigerians have a wide variety of food items, and each tribe has its own distinct pattern of meals and preparation methods. Aside local meals, we also have a variety of fancy foods, snacks, treats and Western cuisines. One of them is food combination of Chicken and chips, which is a popular snack choice for most people.

So, the simple question goes: “is eating chicken and chips healthy?” It’s a question which most lovers of this snack combo would love to get an answer for. This question will be answered briefly with some additional information.

Is It Healthy To Eat Chicken And Chips?

From a personal perspective, there is absolutely nothing harmful to get when you combine chicken with chips, in as much you take it once a week, and it’s not the only menu in your regular foods. However, chicken and chips are high in calories. The calories in one serving of chicken and chips is said to contain 500 to 900 calories. Chicken and Chips are also high in carbohydrates, fat, protein, and sodium.

Thus, if your health goal is to lose weight, you should eat fewer chicken and chips. But will only become a subject of concern if you take large doses of these meal, more especially if you only take them as normal meals.

Taking a deeper look into your eating lifestyle and diet intake, if you are assured that your regular meals provides all the needed nutrients your body need, then you have nothing serious to worry about.

Definitely, your health and diet composition is not affected by just one meal or what you eat in a single day. Rather, your overall pattern of eating determines your nutritional boost or deficiency.

In conclusion, eating chicken and chips is healthy and safe, but don’t make it a regular snack, and don’t make it a substitute to your normal meals.


How To Prepare Chicken and Chips

Chicken and Chips

First off, we start with the preparation of the chips.

To make some chips, you will have to get the following ingredients:

  • Vegetable Oil
  • Salt and;
  • Some tubers of potatoes, preferably starchy ones.
After getting the ingredients ready:
  1. Wash thoroughly and slice the potatoes into smaller bits.
  2. Soak the sliced potatoes in water. Then, add some salt to it, and leave the mixture for about 20 minutes or more.
  3. Remove them from the salt solution and leave to dry for a while.
  4. Pour the vegetable oil into a clean frying pan and leave it to be heated to a very high temperature.
  5. Add the potatoes to the hot oil and remove them almost instantly.
  6. Allow them to cool off.
  7. Once again, heat the vegetable oil to a very high temperature, and add the potatoes to be refried again.
  8. Then, add ittle salt to taste.

How To Prepare The Chicken

To make your chicken treat, you have to get the following:

  • Flour
  • Chicken
  • Garlic powder
  • Eggs
  • Oil
  • All purpose flour
  • Pepper
  • Milk
  • Bread crumbs
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt and;
  • Red chili powder
After the ingredients are set:
  1. Thoroughly wash and slice the chicken into smaller sizes of your choice. You can set aside the skin, but don’t remove.
  2. With the use of the chili powder, lemon juice and salt, you should marinade the chicken pieces for a duration of one hour.
  3. Break the eggs into a clean bowl, and add milk to it. Then, whisk the moisture completely.
  4. Get another bowl. Add the garlic, salt, flour, bread crumbs and red chilli powder and mix everything together.
  5. Add the chicken to the flour mixture and allow the mixture to coat the chicken.
  6. Thereafter, place the chicken into the whisked milk and egg. Then, coat it again using the flour mixture.
  7. Place the oil into a frying pan and let it get heated. Once it’s heated up, deep fry the chicken until you see a golden brown colour, then remove from fire.

Then, you are free to relish the taste of your chicken and chips cuisine. Enjoy!


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