10 Exciting Health Benefits of Ehu Seeds (Monodora myristica)

Health benefits of ehu seeds Monodora myristica

The ehu seed is a tropical spice of West African origins. It is a common ingredient in soups among the many cultures in the West African region. Monodora myristica, which is scientifically known as Ehu seeds among the Igbo people of Nigeria, is also known by another name internationally; African Nutmeg or calabash nutmeg. It is used because it delivers a strong aroma and rich flavour to foods that it is added to. [1]

The seeds are gotten from fruits of the Monodora myristica. When they are ripe, the seeds are taken out of the fruit and properly dried, and then stored before use. Sometimes, they are roasted a bit before use to give the seeds more flavour and taste. It is first ground to powder before being used to cook.

Apart from being used in soups, Ehu seeds are also used for other things because of their health benefits, some of which we would be discussing below.

1. It Helps To Relieve Constipation

Ehu seeds are great for relieving constipation, diarrhoea, and related issues. Eating soups or any food that contains ehu seeds can help find fast and effective relief from constipation. [2]

2. It Can Be Used To Treat Headache

Ehu seeds can also be used to find relief from headaches and body aches. If you have a stubborn headache that has refused to go on its own, eating foods prepared with ehu seeds would help treat the headache and help you feel better.

3. It Reduces Cholesterol Levels

Eating ehu seeds can also help to reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Bad cholesterol could lead to heart disease, chest pain, and even stroke. To prevent that, you can eat foods containing eru seeds. This would help bring your cholesterol levels down. The contain essential nutrients like iron, flavonoids and potassium.

4. Might Help in Managing Sickle Cell Anaemia

Those with sickle cell anaemia can manage their conditions better by adding eru seeds to their diet. A 2008 study on the antisickling effects of Monodora myristica suggested that the spice, when used in combination with other nutritious diets such as fruits, fish and legumes, may be a great option for the effective management of sickle cell disease. [3]

Health benefits of ehu seeds Monodora myristica

5. It Contains Essential Oils

Eru seeds contain essential oils like are ╬▒-phellandrene, ╬▒-pinene, myrcene, limonene and pinene. These essential oils help to reduce inflammation and have other antibiotic and antimicrobial effects. [4]

6. Treating Arthritis And Rheumatism

Ehu seeds have also been used as a local sure for arthritis and rheumatism. It is ground and made into a paste which is then used as an ointment and applied on specific areas of the body. One 2015 study confirmed the anti-inflammatory effects of ehu seeds. [5]

7. It Is Good For New Mothers

New mothers are encouraged to take eru seeds for many reasons. First is that it serves as a postpartum drug, helping the mother to heal better after childbirth by supplying her necessary nutrients and also helping control uterine haemorrhage. It is also taken to help the milk flow freely to help the mother breastfeed the child.

8. It Serves As Insect Repellant

Ehu seeds, as well as the leaves, can also repel insects from areas where they are dropped or placed.

9. It Is Used For Cough Treatment

Ehu seeds can be used for cough treatment because it helps clear congestion. It also offers relief from cold.

10. It Improves Brain Performance

Eating ehu seeds boosts brain performance, increasing concentration and assimilation rates, and even improves blood circulation to the brain. One study also found out another health benefit of eu seeds. The seeds were said to have significant antioxidant activity protective effects on liver enzymes. [6]



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