8 Specific Health Benefits of Halim Seeds (Garden Cress)

Health benefits of halim seeds

Halim seeds, otherwise known as garden cress, are seeds from the garden cress plant. They are grown without soil, using nutrients from water instead. They are quite popular in the Middle East and Asia. Halim seeds are consumed because of their many health benefits, and because of the flavour they add to food. Indeed, these tiny seeds are loaded with immense nutrients. This article discusses the health benefits of halim seeds.

To consume them, they are first roasted before added to soups, stews, or salads. Though Halim seeds are safe for eating, they should be eaten with caution or in measured quantities. That means you should add it like every other ingredient into your food and should not overdo it.
In this post, we would be exploring some of the health benefits of Halim seeds and why you should consider making it a part of your diet.

Nutritional Value of Halim Seeds (Garden Cress)

One study on the nutritional and phytochemical composition of halim found out that it is packed with some nutritional values such as folate, iron, fiber, vitamin C benefits, vitamin A, vitamin E and protein. It is also rich in amino acids like glutamic acid, essential amino acid such as leucine, and linoleic acid.

8 Health Benefits of Halim Seeds (Garden Cress)

Health benefits of halim seeds

Garden cress or halim seeds have been used for it’s medicinal properties for many years. Numerous medical research have attested to it’s health benefits.

1. It Is Rich In Proteins

Halim seeds supply the body with a high amount of protein. This makes it great for those who are building muscle mass, especially people who are gyming, as protein helps to build the body. Eating food with Halim seeds is more satisfying and helps control hunger, making it good for those who are reducing their weight or looking for a way to eat less. [1]

2. It Helps With Cough And Asthma

Eating Halim seeds can also help your cough or asthma. This is because it helps to enhance the functions of the lungs, eliminating the risks of having an asthma attack. Eating Halim seeds can also cure cough effectively. [2] [3]

3. It Contains Fibre

Halim seeds also have a high-fibre content. This makes it easier to digest food, reducing the chances of constipation and stomach upset. Because the process is slow, you will feel fuller for longer, making you consume less food. Eating food rich in fibre also makes it easier to pass stool and is good for treating gastrointestinal issues.

4. It Stimulates Lactation

Nursing mothers would find Halim seeds very helpful as it enhances the production of milk. This makes it easier for the mother to breastfeed the child. Halim seeds also contain iron, which is great for new mothers. [5]

5. It Contains Iron

New mothers and those suffering from iron deficiency can use Halim seeds to supply their body with the iron it needs. Just having one tablespoon of Halim seeds would help supply you with as much as 60% of your daily iron needs. This helps to fight anaemia and even boost haemoglobin levels in the body. [6] [7]

6. It Regulates Menstrual Cycle

Those with irregular menstrual cycle can make things more balanced by consuming Halim seeds. It contains phytochemicals that work like estrogen, the hormone that is charged with things like menstrual cycle regulation. [8]

7. It Helps With Weight Loss

Consuming food that contains Halim seeds can help with weight loss. This is because of its fibre content, which helps slow digestion, and also because it is very rich in protein and more satisfying. [9]

8. It Is Great For The Skin

Halim seeds help to fight acne and other skin breakouts. It can also be ground into a paste and mixed with water and honey to treat sunburns and other skin irritation. [10]



You have to exercise great caution when consuming Halim seeds. As a rule, you can eat it 3-4 times a week, not using more than 2 tablespoons at a time. Also, you can use Halim water to enjoy the benefits rather than use it to cook directly. To do this, simply mix some ground Halim seed powder in water and consume at intervals.




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