3 Fun Ways To Improve Your Fitness

Fun Ways To Improve Your Fitness

Having a strict fitness routine requires determination and huge willpower. Sticking to a routine can give your life valuable structure and organisation, but it can also lead you into an energy rut. 

This rut happens when you are no longer having fun and feeling energised; instead, you feel like a zombie. No one enjoys doing the same exercises over and over again.

This is why it is vital to keep your routine fluid and never be afraid to add new fun things into the mix. 

1. Attend Workout Classes With A Friend

Many gyms now offer an array of workout classes for a variety of fitness levels. Attending the gym may not sound fun. Adding your best friend, music and a motivating teacher to the mix makes it much more enjoyable.

Workout classes are held throughout the day, so it is easy to pick a time suitable for both you and your friend. Within these classes are tons of other people who are typically at the same fitness ability as you, which makes it less daunting to attend.

The instructor will provide you with all the relevant equipment, and information, and they will have a great playlist to keep you motivated and energetic.

Going to a workout class with your friend isn’t going to magically transform your health overnight. Although, attending even once a week could be the catalyst to get you out of your energy rut. You might even find yourself attending more classes or visiting the gym on your own just because you enjoy it so much. 

Taking a friend to these classes means that you are likely to be more motivated during the session and less likely to cancel last minute.

Whether you keep it up or not, you can be sure that this will provide you with lots of laughter, and it is a really fun way to try and improve your fitness.

Fun Ways To Improve Your Fitness

3. Join A Social Sport Group

Social sports are essentially groups in which people focus equally on playing the sport and on socialising. This is a great way to improve your fitness because it feels as though you are hanging out with friends and having fun rather than exercising.

This is also good if you find yourself lacking a social aspect aside from work in your life. Joining a social sports group allows you to engage and connect with others, resulting in less anxiety, stress, and depression. This can do wonders for your mental health, while the physical aspect of the sport improves your fitness levels.

A couple of examples of social sports include:

  • Badminton
  • Tennis
  • Football
  • Open water swimming
  • Cricket
  • Golf 
  • Martial arts
  • Hiking.

Choosing the typical social sports such as badminton and football will provide you with the opportunity to seamlessly integrate within a group. This is because, within these sports, it is all about teamwork, and so new members are highly valuable. 

Sports you may never have thought were social sports, such as hiking, and open water swimming, are suited better for introverts. These sports are much more easygoing, which means introverts can slowly explore at their own rate without any pressure. 

When you join a new group, they will often give you the essential gear at a set price. However, not all groups offer the same equipment. If you are trying something slightly dangerous like open water swimming, then ensure you have chosen a suitable tow float, wetsuit, and swimming cap at the very least. 

Sports such as football and tennis do not require anything other than some suitable clothes which you probably already own. It may be daunting to purchase new equipment, but you can always return or sell it if you do not end up using it. 

3. Create A Throwback Workout Playlist

Songs from our teen years or even our childhood are bound to get us laughing, dancing, and happy. Using the positive endorphins released when listening to throwback songs to fuel our workout is genius. 

If you are feeling tired of your gym’s playlist or your current favourite songs, it might be worthwhile to dig through your past and find the hidden gems. 

Creating a playlist full of fun Taylor Swift pop songs or empowering Destiny’s Child songs will motivate you to workout. You will be too busy singing the songs and exercising to remember that you are tired, and before you know it, the last song will play, and you will feel so accomplished.

It is almost like going to a party and dancing. Having a throwback playlist puts you in a positive mood and makes the process much easier to tackle. 


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