How to Deal With HIV Fatigue

How to deal with HIV fatigue

Human Immunodeficiency Virus, HIV remains one of the deadliest diseases globally, with 37.9 million people living with HIV/AIDS. HIV results in AIDS when the body’s immune system is compromised. In simple words, AIDS is the advanced stage of HIV. 

ELISA kit is a highly-specific & sensitive method to diagnose HIV condition. It performs the qualitative analysis of the blood sample to determine the presence of antibodies produced by the body in response to the HIV virus. 

There are several symptoms which impact one’s quality of life, and out of these, fatigue has a subtle yet profound effect. Low energy throughout the day makes it challenging for the HIV patient undergoing the treatment to socialize, exercise, and manage their day-to-day activities. 

There are various ways to combat body fatigue and replenish your lost energy to live near-to normal life, even when HIV infection is severe. 

First, it is of paramount importance that you understand the possible causes of HIV fatigue. Then, based on that, you can learn to minimize its frequency. 

Dealing with Depression 

Depression is one common symptom associated with HIV infection. Depression makes the patient feel sad all day long, and drains out energy. Further, it disturbs the sleeping pattern and eating habits alike. People who are battling depression find it difficult to work out, which in turn leaves them tired. 

If you have been diagnosed with HIV or undergoing treatment, you must speak to your health provider for tips to deal with depression. You can consult a mental healthcare professional for advice. The best way to come out of depression is via talk therapy rather than taking medicines. Other popular alternative therapies are yoga and mediation. 

Sometimes doctors even prescribe regular medicines to battle depression. Psychostimulants such as armodafinil and dextroamphetamine are a great help to people with depression. A recent study published in the journal Psychosomatics discovered that medication armodafinil helps people improve their mood and fight HIV depression. 

How to deal with HIV fatigue

Dealing with Insomnia

Insomnia is a condition in which people find it hard to sleep. Not having a night of sound sleep affects how your next day will be. To battle insomnia, an HIV patient can try the following: 

  • Go to sleep early and wake up on time.
  • Maintain a sleep log to monitor your sleep patterns. 
  • Don’t hit the bed with an anxious mind; leave all the stresses and worries away before you sleep. 
  • Avoid using any gadget such as a smartphone, tablet, or laptop hour half before jumping onto the bed. 
  • Try reading a novel; it will help you relax your mind.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine hours before bedtime.
  • Create a sleep-friendly ambiance. 

If these recommendations aren’t improving your sleep patterns, consult your healthcare provider to prescribe sedative/ hypnotic medications. 

Dealing with HIV Side Effects from Medicines

The drugs prescribed during HIV treatment are powerful. If you are experiencing fatigue after introducing a new drug to your treatment regimen, immediately talk to your health care provider. 

They may advise a different drug or recommend a supplement for side effects. But, you must not stop taking any medicine without your doctor’s advice, even if you develop side effects because regular change could make the body resistant to antiretroviral drugs. 

Idiopathic HIV fatigue

If the cause of HIV fatigue is not linked to Insomnia, HIV drugs, or depression, then the doctors say it is idiopathic HIV fatigue. In other simple words, the cause of fatigue is not known. It is quite prevalent and hard to predict—some HIV patients experience fatigue at any time. Stimulants such as methylphenidate & dextroamphetamine are prescribed in such cases.

Consult Your Doctor

The majority of people living with HIV infection have a body fatigue issue, and there are various ways to treat HIV fatigue. However, to select the right treatment, you must know the cause. If you are experiencing severe fatigue, take to your healthcare provider right away. 


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